Earliest possible Walker recall information

The earliest possible Walker (and let’s not forget Kleefisch too) recall timeline would be as follows:

Nov 4th: Signature gathering commences
Jan 3rd: Petition handed into the GAB
By Feb 3rd: GAB has to determine whether enough signatures are good.
Feb 14th: Recall election, or primary if required.
Mar 13th: Recall election, if primary required.

Under current law (§5.02(22), http://legis.wisconsin.gov/sta​tutes/Stat0005.pdf) the Presidential Primary would be on Feb 21st. The first recall/recall primary election would thus almost certainly get moved to this date, so in order to avoid this it’d have to be made a Democratic Gubernatorial Primary (which would probably be wanted anyway unless someone like Tom Barrett or Russ Feingold decides to stand and everyone else steps aside for them). This would be particularly interesting since a lot of Democratic voters would be showing up and as a side-effect skewing the Republican Presidential Primary and a lot of Republican voters would be showing up and as a side-effect skewing the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary.

Then the day of Walker’s reckoning becomes March 20th when he doesn’t stand much of a chance.

What can he do about that? What could possibly allow him to leverage the red turnout for the Republican Presidential Primary to his electoral advantage?

What about a return of the fake Dem strategy to force the day of reckoning out, a bit of “it’s going to take a bit more than 31 days to verify these million signatures” and you’re looking at a recall election on April 3rd with the Spring elections. Great! But how to get the Presidential Primary to happen that day?

By an amazing coincidence, that’s exactly what AB162 does (https://docs.legis.wisconsin.g​ov/2011/related/proposals/ab16​2). Want to bet on that going through before August 9th?