Kaukauna School Board meeting Monday 7/11




Come to Kaukauna for Monday school board meeting


The Kaukauna teachers are going to take that message to their school board at its next meeting Monday, July 11th. The meeting time is 5:30 and the location is the Kaukauna High School Library.

The Kaukauna School Board is one of Walkers “Lighthouses” on how to use the tools that he has provided. He is using Kaukauna to show what other school boards can do. The story has gone national.

The School Board has imposed on the teachers a Handbook which includes fewer sick days; language that allows the building principal to require attendance at after-school functions with no additional compensation; reduction in the number of paid days; and all snow days are unpaid days unless the employee’s principal requires the employee to be at school. These are just a few of the items in the handbook.

The teachers were willing through negotiations to provide give backs that would have generated even more savings to the District than the Board has now taken. The Board wanted no part of it. The Kaukauna Education Association has practiced consensus problem solving and bargaining with their District and administration for a very long time. Ironically, this stronghold for working together is being used by Walker as the blueprint for taking away the voice of the teachers.

Help pack the library to show the School Board and Walker that they cannot silence our voice by being a dictator.

Pease get this message out to your colleagues and invite them to come to the Kaukauna High School commons. We will meet as a group at 5:00 and go in together for the 5:30 Board meeting.

If you have friends in the Kaukauna school district who would support their teachers, please invite them also. And lastly, if you know of other union members who live in the Kaukauna area and who would support the teachers there, would you please invite them.

We need to show the right that Kaukauna is not their lighthouse. Our voice will not be silence