Letter to the Editor pulled, despite truthful information

Below is the letter to the editor that was pulled from River News under pressure from Simac’s Campaign calling it libel. I added links to verify the information contained in the letter.

Kim Simac’s Running From Radical Views

Scripted, down-to-earth commercials do not show who the 12th district senatorial candidate really is, a Tea Party radical with a frightening vain of extremism to be run from.

Simac has based her entire campaign on Senator Holperin’s having gone to Illinois to force patient discussion of Scott Walker’s agenda.. However, it is now Simac doing the actual running. Unfortunately, she and her image crafters under-estimate the intelligence of the Northwoods electorate and don’t understand that a basic familiarity with Google exposes who Simac really is.

The self-described “quirky American story” she is running from is lengthy and easily available on the web. (http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/123267843.html – Simac is quoted in this article)

She has likened our schools to Nazi indoctrination programs, saying she’d remove her children from them. This is the person to support education in the 12th?(http://www.patriotactionnetwork.com/forum/topics/the-scary-comparisons-of-the Kim Simac wrote this blog entry, her own words)

On her website, she has her arm around Paul Ryan, the man with drastic changes to Medicare in mind. This is the person to support seniors in the 12th?

In Youtube videos, she says that we need be like third world countries to compete with them, that those who dislike Walker are “mutinous cowards,” and that God is turning from the USA as “sin is embedded in our churches, in our schools, on our streets, and in our homes.” This is a mindset representative of the 12th?

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arD5YvJ3VZk Video of Kim Simac calling teachers, police and firefighters mutinous cowards)

She has hired a twenty-something from a professional, out-of-state firm called “Targeted Victory” to market her candidacy. Having “remarketed” Mitt Romney, she’s descended from Boston, Tweeting comments to another Targeted Victory operative about us on the way, such as her hope that we have movie theaters “up in the woods..” OMG, these are the people who’ll decide what’s good for folks in the 12th? LOL. (I don’t think pointing out who Simac hired to market her or a personal conversation is libel, no need for a citation)

Finally, asked to show she’s a candidate of depth and specific proposals, Kim Simac failed to attend a forum in Tomahawk and is non-commital about any others, likely at the direction of her marketers. This is the person bragging about her courage in standing for the 12th?

Ultimately, not unlike Sarah Palin, the face of Kim Simac presents nicely on TV, but a little study of her actual substance, or at least what we are allowed to see, is reason for grave concern. Therefore, Northwoods voters won’t be fooled by the carefully crafted image of Tea Party handlers. We will share, with everyone, the truth that she is running from, the radicalism formerly known as Kim Simac.