Why (WI) Fight – twitter responses

Because of the full range of human emotion and experience, which is a delicate thing to preserve and enrich. #whyWIfight. cc: @spsenski

Because some people still don’t understand what they’re losing, and won’t until it’s truly gone.#whyWIfight

Bcuz women are not second class citizens whose healthcare needs are less important than men’s.#whyWIfight

To preserve the values I grew up with and pass on to future generations. #whywifight 

Because Walker and his ALEC-ed senators are not interested in the people of Wisconsin.#whyWIfight

Because there are ppl in MKE who stand firm even without the crowds at the Capitol. #whyWIfight

To make sure kids and students receive the best education possible and develop into people who care for humanity. #whyWIfight

Because only by looking in the mirror can we make a backwards Wisconsin right. #whyWIfight

Because we believe everyone has a right to a quality public education #WhyWIfight

“[For] abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments.”#whyWIfight

Because we refuse to sacrifice the welfare of all for the profit of a few – even if we are the few.#whyWIfight

Because corporations are posting the highest profits in the history of everything, while wages stagnate and revenues shrink. #WhyWIfight #WI

“Armed only w/our sense of degradation as human beings,we came 2gether&organized, & changed the condition of our lives.” #whyWIfight

Because my parents raised me to know better. #WhyWIfight #WIUnion

#whyWIfight MT @michellelitjens: I’ve had enough! One hour of union protesters singing, “We Will Overcome” etc. in the Capital Rotunda!!!

Because braver, smarter people than we are fought tougher, uglier battles for us. #WhyWIfight#WIUnion

100s of kids leave foster care at 18 w/ nothing. Public services, student loans et al make huge difference in lives. #wiunion #whywifight

Because #teachers did not cause the recession. #WhyWIfight #WIUnion

Because labor is superior to capital. #whyWIfight #wiunion

Because you’d cry too, if it happened to you. #whyWIfight

Because this is Wisconsin, dammit! And Wisconsin politics are NOT supposed to be like Chicago politics!! #whyWIfight

Because *every* child in #Wisconsin should arrive at school with a full tummy. #WhyWIfight#publicschools #WIunion

Bcuz my gvnr abbrevs 2 many 4 short words n it hurts my brain. #g0vw41krtw33t5 #whyWIfight

Sleeping on cement pavement in the middle of a Wisconsin winter @ 2am is cold, but not as cold as the hearts of the WIGOP #whyWIfight

Because if I wanted to live in a third world banana republic, I’d move to one. #wiunion #whywifight

Because they are trying to take away our Internets. #whyWIfight http://bit.ly/lIryH6

Bcuz we’re here 2 prove that we have a longer attn span that Fox ews & the Corporatocracy gives us credit for,& #WeWillNotForget #whyWIfight

Because Wisconsin has given me much in my times of need, and I can’t let her down in her time of great need. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight Because I’m a Badger and my den has been invaded. #wiunion

My students. ‘Nuff said. #whyWIfight

Because coming from Maryland, I was freakin’ amazed at the efficiency of Wisconsin snow plows in a blizzard. #whyWIfight #wiunion

Because I’ve been a churchgoer for 20+ years, but the most spiritual experience of my life happened in the rotunda in February. #whyWIfight

Because people across the country and around the world are counting on us to hold the line.#whyWIfight

Because some day, decades away, I’d like to qualify for retirement…before I’m dead. #whyWIfight

3 hours ago

#whyWIfight cause I live in Waukesha Co. and I am pretty sure there were good people who did nothing when God destroyed Sodom. Just sayin’

Cutting services during a time when our neighbors need it most is not the Wisconsin way.#whyWIfight

Because corporations, Kochs & ALEC have lied to Tea Party & GOP middle class, to get their votes. //#whyWIfight

Because my 5 kids are 7th generation Wisconsinites, and I want them to know why that is something to take pride in. #whyWIfight

Because I believe that it is my responsibility to care for my family, and my family is everyone.#whyWIfight

#whyWIfight Because how else is Waukesha County gonna learn to invest in Ziploc ballot bags? #wiunion

The Capitol is still locked, over half the state is still treated as irrelevant, #walkerville’s back & I’m just getting started. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight Because I don’t want kids, but if I ever do, I want them to grow up on the oak savannah, the lakes and the marshes like I did.

Bcuz somewhere up there, there’s a red heart-shaped balloon still floating around in the dome of the Capitol. #whyWIfight

For all those who fought and died for collective bargaining, 40 hr work week, and more.#whyWIfight

Every day, this agenda hurts thousands of people. And I care about ALL of them. Even the people I will never ever meet. #whyWIfight

Because being working class is nothing to apologize for. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight because I believe in the Wisconsin Idea!

Because I’m tired of watching poor & middle-class children in Milwaukee being treated like they don’t matter. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight because I know no other way, and I do what I know…

Because those people in our house have no respect for our history. #whyWIfight

Because that is OUR HOUSE they are locking us out of. #whyWIfight

Because I don’t want to just drink Miller products #whyWIfight

Because my Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness is not “Open for Business” to the highest bidder. (Or a no-bid contract.) #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight I mean, really; have you listened to Glenn Grothman? #wiunion

Because voting is a constitutional right for all citizens. #whyWIfight

Because supply-side economics is a zombie lie that we must kill once and for all. #whyWIfight#wiunion

Because the Tea Party are tyring to drag us back to the 19th century. #whyWIfight #wiunion

Because voting is a constitution right for all citizens. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight Because, even in the best of times and leadership. there are always inequities and injustices to be corrected. #wiunion

Because my grandfather, a coal mimer, was assaulted on picket lines striking for a better quality of life. #whyWIfight

Because my job is to help the people of Wisconsin and I will never stop doing that- even if they cut our budget to zero. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight Because the defenseless cannot. #wiunion

So that someday soon there will be a #howWIwon hashtag. #whyWIfight

Because we’re the state of Bob La Follette #whyWIfight

Because I think ppl & communities, not our billionaires and businesses, are our future. #whyWIfight

Because UW-Madison is one of the best public universities in the nation with cutting-edge research#whyWIfight

Seconded! Or plain curling up and never leaving the house. RT @superbranch There’s no other way to stop crying. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight Because I thought I was past the point of caring about many things, and I have been taught the error of my thinking. #wiunion

Bcuz we hold these truths 2 be self evident, that all men r created equal, endowed w/certain inalienable rights… #whyWIfight #wiunion

#whyWIfight Because what @govwalker and the GOP are doing is WRONG and it’s a moral imperative to stand up to their brand of evil

Because I grew up on school meal plans and don’t think a child should ever go hungry. #whyWIfight

Because they’d get away with it if it wasn’t for us meddling kids! #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight because I love my students, my family, the knowledge and experience I’ve had the advantage

Because no one makes me feel this way and gets away with it. #whyWIfight

So my children get to know Wisconsin as it is meant to be #whyWIfight

Because history is always on the side of progress. #whywifight

Because Wisconsin is beautiful and I want it to remain that way for generations #whyWIfight

Because what they’re doing is destroying my state, my family, my friends, my community and my future. #whyWIfight

Bcuz the power of your vote should be determined by your ballot, not your wallet. #whyWIfight

Because the government shouldn’t just care about you if you are rich #whyWIfight

Because democracy does NOT end on election night! #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight b/c my Grandpa ran into burning building & roof fell on him (dented helmet top) #wiunion http://yfrog.com/5pfovpj

We fight for doing things to help all the people in our great State of Wisconsin, not just a choosen few. #whyWIfight

b/c we should never stop trying to make WI better for all of its citizens. #whyWIfight

I fight for the soul of my beloved badger state. We are progressive champions. Look at our history.#whywifight #wiunion

I fought in November because I wanted a train. Now I fight for the return of democracy to Wisconsin.#whyWIfight #Whatadifference6monthsmake

Because what Repubs are doing to this and every other state is wrong. They are screwing w/ our lives & livelihood.#whyWIfight

Because if we don’t inform each other, nobody will #whyWIfight

Because the Dem14 were heroes and we wanted them to go to Illinois. #whyWIfight

Because this is what democracy looks like! #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight because my little brother aspires to become a #wiunion firefighter when he comes home from Afghanistan with the #USMC

#whyWIfight Because we’re right. #wiunion

Because my grandparents left Cuba in the 60s due to dictatorship, and their sacrifices will not be in vain as long as I live #whyWIfight

Bcuz my moral obligations to my fellow humans (& other earth residents) don’t come from a Divine Mandate, or Ayn Rand. #whyWIfight

Because even if a democrat pulled this shit, it would still be morally wrong and I would stand up to them. #whyWIfight

I was born here and lived here my whole life. I love this State! #whyWIfight

I fight because it’s no longer ok to sit by and let other people fight for me. #whyWIfight

B/c I want to be able to return to Madison post-PhD. Because I don’t believe my friends/coworkers are overpaid/greedy. #WhyWIFight #wiunion

Because we deserve to have better lives and not race to the bottom in spite of what our government has told us. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight because it is important to preserve our benefits and taking care of those who paid with health and body to make this state.

Because my patients matter. Because my daughters ed. matters. Because even if I didn’t have a kid, every child’s ed. matters #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight because my Dad was a #wiunion plumber for 40 years

For my dad who was a loyal union mbr, for my late brother who would have fought too, for all the children I know & those I don’t #whyWIfight

Because I love my state and my country. #whyWIfight

#whyWIfight Because my baby sister is a #wiunion teacher. And she’s also a single mother.

Democracy, freedom, equality. #whyWIfight

I’m fighting for every one of you I’ve met through #wiunion and many I’ve never met, because we all deserve to have WI back. #whyWIfight

Bcuz a lot of ppl who wouldn’t otherwise agree w/most of my politics r as angry as I am.#whyWIfight

I fight for the future of my children and their future children for a great public education.#whyWIfight

For my husband, a state wrkr who does a job few others would; for my mom, who taught 40 years; for my boys, who deserve better. #whyWIfight

For my mom (teacher), my sister in law (teacher), my nephew (public school) and myself (on HIRSP)… Oh and for all of you. #whyWIfight

Because I’ve been unemployed forever and I KNOW none of these ideas will get me a job, not when my neighbors are losing theirs. #whyWIfight

Someone started a hashtag on # for people to say why they fight for the cause, here are many of the responses.

Because Wisconsin is so much better than the government we ended up with. #whyWIfight

Cutting social services to the most vulnerable of society in order to benefit the top 2% is morally wrong, and that’s #whyWIfight

There’s no other way to stop crying. #whyWIfight

I’m standing up for my dad and his fellow teachers who work incredibly hard for our future & don’t deserve to be scapegoated. #whyWIfight

We’ve all been busy fighting for WI lately, I’d like to suggest we take a min & share & recommit to#whyWIfight & why we’re in this together