Walker strategy – Fear of recalls

From a colleague:
I was talking with a former student today who is a Republican Party co-chair for a particular “Wisconsin County”. She was giving me insight as to what she heard is Walker’s strategy. Assuming she is correct…it seems the Republicans are truly afraid of the wheels they have set in motion. Here are the claims she made…as well as some evidence to support them

#1: It is odd that Walker is fighting this out in court (Now Appeals Court)…when all he has to do is call a special session of the legislature and do a re-vote. Especially considering Democratic Senator Tim Cullen has already announced he will NOT be leaving the state again under any circumstances. This begs the question…what is Walker doing?
#2: Prosser is a Sitting Duck
– My contact claims that Walker is secretly offering Prosser up as a “sitting duck”, and making him bear the “frontal assault” of the anti-Walker attitudes. The Republicans are fairly convinced that Prosser is going to get DEFEATED EASILY on April 5. Apparently, Prosser’s relationship with Walker is “strained”. Apparently, Prosser was mad at Walker privately…because even he knows this law could be re-voted on at anytime.
#3: Why is Walker Stalling in the Courts?
– To take attention off of the recall efforts by having organized labor funnel their money and efforts into getting out the vote for Kloppenburg’s campaign. It is true that signature collections are struggling because of this shift in resources. Make no mistake…Walker would rather lose the Supreme Court than the Wisconsin State Senate!!!!! As we all know, Walker is seeking national fame…and does not plan to be here for the long term. Court battles can take years…especially if the Supreme Court is involved. Legislative victories are IMMEDIATE!
#4: Why Does This Strategy Make Sense?
Two reasons!
1. Remember! The main case against the current anti-union law is (mostly) a legal issue of “technicality”… in terms of the violation of “time frame” in the Open Records Law. Walker knows he can re-vote/re-pass this at ANY TIME! So why doesn’t he?
2. He is trying to offer recall protection to vulnerable senators (Hopper, Harsdorf). These cries for protection are coming from the REPUBLICAN SENATORS THEMSELVES! Relief only comes in one way…CHANGE THE TOPIC OF FOCUS!
#5: So Now What?
1. Collecting petitions is still PRIORITY NUMBER 1
2. Kloppenburg is CRUCIAL to our efforts! She MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS! But, her impact will (MOST LIKLEY) NOT BE FELT FOR MONTHS/MAYBE YEARS
3. Did I mention that petition signatures are PRIORITY NUMBER 1!
#6: Listen to the “Other Side”
– Prosser is NOT going to be the Republicans main priority. In fact, not even close! They are AFRAID that the State Senate is going to fall! They still place the odds at 50% they will keep it…but those odds are not good in the political circles!
– If we are fortunate enough to knock off Prosser (which I predict will be easy and large!)…keep up the momentum! Do not rest after this victory!
Lastly, the strategy adopted by Chippewa Workers is a WINNING STRATEGY! Keep up the great work. If we deliver 1,000 signatures each week…we could single-handedly recall Harsdorf ourselves! How is that power for you!!!